Accept and love yourself

flowerA flower blossoms under the sun. It shines and is happy with itself. The green grass waver in the wind, embracing the earth and sunshine. Nobody give them attention, but they are happy where they are. A tree stands there silently for many years, a deer crosses a valley gallantly, and a toddler waddles with giggles. None of them question their own lovability. Their existence is the manifest of love, God’s love.

Each of us is a still a child, in God’s eyes, and we are worthy and lovable as we are. Our lovability cannot be questioned, judged or withheld.

We may make mistakes. But that mistake does not make us less lovable. Our achievement in life does not make us more lovable either. In our core, and in every person’s core, is our lovability that cannot be added or reduced.

If you have made a mistake, guilt may prompt you to reflect and change your action next time. But this guilt should not make you lose respect for yourself. You are not your mistake. Thus the notion of “sinner” in Christianity is very profound. We are not perfect and we admit that. We ask for forgiveness and give forgiveness. We ask for a chance to redeem, so do others.

When we accept our imperfectness, we accept ourselves. In this state, we start to flow with life. We no longer have a “perfect” destination, we can expand our boundary much larger than originally imagined. We grow faster and without inhibition. We become truly creative because we believe in experimenting and accept possible mistakes.

Accepting ourselves is equivalent to loving ourselves. When you love someone, like a mother loves a child, you accept their shortcoming as a complete package. You believe, hope, work with, and trust that person. You embrace their humanity, including human weakness, and accept them completely. Sometimes it is easy to invoke such love for our family members or friends, or people from the same race. It’s spiritual awakening when we extend such love to all human beings, regardless race, gender or others things dividing people.

In a loving state, you are completely at peace. You have no need to argue with the universe, and it is never wrong. You completely accept others as who they are, and you completely accept yourself. This is what we call the “perfection” of God.

Loving yourself brings an exquisite feeling that can hardly be conveyed by words. It is like a rose blossoming in your heart. Its beautiful pedals start to open up. You feel healed and immersed in unspeakable warmth. You feel like coming to home, resting at God’s nest. His all-encompassing arms embrace the universe around you. You are safe and taken care of. There is no place to go any more. You may have wandered around, believing you are on a journey. Now you have come home.

Being at home, you can play like a child again. You can explore and make as many mistakes as you want. God is always loving you and that love is never withheld from you. Whenever you make a mistake, you admit and correct it right away.

For the same reason, you trust others too. You trust their good intention and their search for joy and love. You have less need to correct others or “advice” others as they have their own path and God’s love shines on their way.

Given that you completely love yourself, you no longer seek approval from others. You no longer interact out of the need to seek love or acceptance. Fame does not interest you any more, as fame is just recognition from others, people who you don’t know. Thus you become truly humble as you have no need to show off to anyone.

You feel completely loved in your own world, and you are fully validated by your own acceptance. Thus you become easy going, giving, and fluid with life situation happening to your spouse. When his/her work becomes his top priority, you support that. When his hobby becomes his obsession, you support that. You are fulfilled and you don’t need another person to fulfill you. Thus “playing at level 3” is not an artificial effort but a natural by-product of giving and sharing love. You have become complete, and you can now affirm others.

You made a “mistake” when you chose a less optimal path, and you can now do better. But you made the best choice given what you knew at that time, and that was the right choice. You completely accept your past, and other people’s past. There is no “forgiveness” but acceptance and love. You send the past “you” love, and you send the past people appearing in your life love. The new you  is more capable and wiser, and you will make better decisions, with love.

Then every moment is perfect, as perfect as the universe can be. Relish this moment, and bring joy to this moment. What you have now is the best for you.

You also become less dogmatic or deferring to authorities. You evaluate everything with a beginner’s mind and ready to question anything. You are irreverent to any existing beliefs. You seek original truth. You lose the need to prove yourself, and you are already complete. You are as perfect as God makes you, and as imperfect as a child that needs to learn and grow. You maintain absolute confidence in your self-worth, and have full permission to explore life.

You interact with similar energy and you stay in your own world comfortably. You don’t have to go anywhere. In this state, you energy is aligned with people who are like you, and you gain more momentum when moving forward. You lose the fear of rejection. Others are adults who have their own opinions, which are imperfect as yours are.

You throw yourselves into creative endeavors without worrying too much about the future. You become less rigid on where you have to go, or how to get there, even though you still have clear goals and clear ideals.

Peace is with you wherever you are. “You are beautiful, lovely and precious”. Contemplate these words deeply.

You have arrived. You are home, at God’s home.