Commit to Success

Each year, skyscrapers are built, companies go public, fortunes are made, books are published, and battles are won. None of these can happen without determination, hard work, and commitment. Despite our circumstance, intelligence or personal traits, the only thing that matters in the end is success. You either made it happen or did not.

When one dabbles on various projects, years pass by and time is wasted. You end up with nothing while others build upon success after success. Therefore every step you take must be solid. Every project you aim at must be done with success. There is no other option.

Success is full commitment until you achieve the goal. Such absolute determination will move mountain. It requires hard work, mental concentration and overcome your personal weakness. It demands hard work mentally and physically.

It is natural law that you will encounter great difficulty on the road to success. It is how nature filters out the weak and preserves the strong. Only selected few win in the end.  Therefore any difficulty calls for further commitment, further determination and continuous effort. If you stay at it and win that battle, you will emerge triumphantly and much stronger. But you have to stay at a battle and win that battle.

Massive actions come from our commitment. When you commit, you will automatically find many ways to make things happen. You will go full step instead keep looking for way out.

It is time to build your mental and emotional muscle. It is time to practice success session. After all the toil and tears, you end up with the outcome—you coveted prize—and your deep pride. You also gain better position for the next adventure. You become stronger in the process. There is nothing comparing to success. Therefore it is a must instead of luxury.

The path to success may be tortuous. You do not reach the sky like a rocket, you rise up by climbing the mountains, or upward ladders. Many people have slipped away, but you have to keep moving up. A better metaphor would be going through hazard-filled jungle and reach your destination. Many people are deterred but you keep moving forward.

What separates a winner from a loser is a thin thread, a simply decision to stay in the end or not. That will make all the difference. You can cry, beg or pretend. You can be a better friend, funny person or pious believer. But none of these matters. The only thing that matters is final success. When you succeed, you make tremendous contribution to this world. You capacity increases in many folds. Then you have much greater room to be a better friend or giver.

The quality leaps awaits you and you must step up. “Life will never be the same” once you commit to success.

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