W Mitchell

This is a man who was burned beyond recognition, losing all fingers and a normal face, then became paralyzed in a second accident. But this man went out to the world, became a mayor, an entrepreneur and a millionaire. He served in several boards of directors, and got married with the woman he loved. If W Mitchell can do all of these, what more can other people do?

The power of human will and the power of taking control of your life are fully demonstrated by W Mitchell. What a life he has lived! When he made the mental decision that he will be as normal as anyone, he learned every move to get around, to open the door with a fingerless hand, to dress and to live independently. With a disfigured face, he decided he will go out to the public and face whatever out there. He then settled in a small city to live where his inner beauty can be recognized by others through deep interaction. He was fun, friendly and passionate to help others. He learned to fly airplanes with his fingerless hand.  In W Mitchell, life is a sequence of doing, sharing and boldly taking risk.

How can we complain about our life when we don’t take full actions to control our own destiny? How can we allow others to belittle us and drag us down when we have so much to give? How can we wander around aimlessly, but still complain?

The true lesson is that life is in your own hand. If you decide to go for it, you will get what you ask for. Dare to ask, forget about any limitation. Simply push yourself, have no self pity and have no self limitation. You have to behave and act with greatness if you aim for greatness.

How can we not live a full life when W Mitchell has seized life by its tail? How can we make half-hearted attempt when W Mitchell went all the way and succeeded in everything he set out to do?

W Mitchell’s story demonstrated the power of love: the around-the-clock care of the hospital and the nurses, the caring and support from his friends, his girlfriend and her mother. He rose up in the loving care of all the people around him. When he got paralyzed, people drove for 5 hours to visit him in the hospital. People encouraged him with his own words. In the process of fighting a mining company and preserving the environment, he got help from lawyer friends and many others in remote places of this country who came to help.

Seize life with both your hands. Live life with all its possibilities. Do not settle for less. Give abundant love and cherish all the friendship. Take full responsibility and full control of everything that happens in your life. Then you are just one step away from your dream.

Plunge yourself into life, and take your destiny into your hand. Life is yours to make. No one can determine your fate except you.

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