In Memory of Steve Jobs

He came to this world for only 56 years. But he left us with such a rich legacy. He revolutionized computer industry as it first pioneer, he revolutionized music delivery industry with iPod and iTune. Then he moved on to revolutionize the mobile phone industry. Not to mention his company also pioneered computer animation, and he created a new Tablet market.

For those of us living in Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs seems not far. His house in Palo Alto is not far from where we live, Apple headquarter is just a few streets away, and many Apple employees are our neighbors and friends. Yet Steve Jobs is also a mystery and a legend. He started the company in 1976, when most of engineers at Valley were not yet born. For the next 35 years, he stays at what he loves to do: build great computer products and ship them to people.

Steve Jobs defies convention, but he is also an excellent marketer. Above all, he is a consuming technologist, who loves every part of his product. He is handsome, charming and quick wit. But he did not squander his energy on easy social gain. Instead he poured all his passion in building the real innovative products. He is a creator, an inventor and a pioneer. Deep in his heart, he is pure and passionate about building digital product that can make fundamental impact.

While others retire and go into public limelight, he stays at the peak of his creation, chunking out amazing new products one after another. He has no vanity for public limelight. Instead, he uses them solely for the promotion of his product.

He has devoted his life completely to his work. He is so deeply passionate and devoted to his work that it is unimaginable how he can announce his own retirement. We should have known better, that the candle light was burning out. We did not realize how closely he came to the end of his life. From his retirement (August 25) to his death (October 5), it took only 1 month and 10 days. However, Steve Jobs put on such a brave public face in his retirement announcement, we all believed him as if this is his personal choice. When death comes to deal his hand, even Steve Jobs had no choice.

In the age when people live to their 90s and 100s, 56 seems like middle age. How unfair life is for Steve Jobs, to have to leave this earth so early after such a short stay. But life has endowed him richly with sheer determination, vision, and powerful drive. What life takes away, it has generously given to him beforehand. How can we measure a life by its simple length?

Steven Jobs is an inspiration to all of us. He showed us what is possible, when you dare to try, when you stay firm with your vision, and when you are passionate about what you do.

Life renews itself. New generations will come, and new products will be created day after day. But Steven Jobs stands out with his singular impact. He will be forever remembered as a man who changed our lives.

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